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My name is Sharon Edwards. I have been an educator for the last twenty five years. I received my Bachelor’s of Art from Converse College in Spartanburg South Carolina. I also received my Masters of Education from Converse College. I later received an Endorsement for Gifted and Talented from Converse. My concentration is in the Special Needs environment; I’ve taught LD Self-contained, LD Resource and Orthopedic special needs students. In 2016 I traveled to Kenya Africa and taught special needs teens transitioning from high school to college. Because I wanted to explore the opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve also taught in the Gifted and Talented program. Currently I teach professionals in the field of cosmetology, how to become instructors in their prospective craft; I.e nail tech, hairstylist , esthetician, and barbers. It is in the cosmetology arena where I began to notice how adults process information. I noticed some of their patterns were similar to those students in the primary setting. I then started utilizing the Multi-Sensory Approach.Questions???  Some thoughts you may have with regards to Multi-Sensory:Teaching Students with ADHD/Dyslexia course is, any information you would need a little more clarity in understanding on a personal level, a professional level or both. Please feel free to share.